ICOtec has a comprehensive sound library for their game calls, curated by JD Piatt, a World Coyote Vocalization Champion.

The library includes a variety of professionally recorded sounds that are essential for hunters.

You can preview and download these sounds from the ICOtec website, which are compatible with specific models like the GC350, GC500, GEN2 GC350, GEN2 GC500, and Hellion callers. Additionally, there are hand-selected sounds available for the ICOtec 350+ and Renegade+.

For more information on the available sounds and how to add them to your ICOtec game callers, you can visit the ICOtec sound library page.

                                                 ICOTec SOUND LIBRARY LINK

Throughout the years, ICOtec has produced and curated some of the best sound lists in the predator hunting industry. The Legacy Library is a collection of sounds that we included for free on previous generation callers. As a thank you to our loyal customer base, we're providing these 240 sounds in the new .aaf filetype to everyone free of charge. These .aaf files work on all programmable Plus Series callers. If you have a previous generation caller (GEN2, GEN1), visit the .gcx Sound Library page, or the .ico Sound Library page.

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